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sitting still


Due to flight cancellations this weekend, I had an unexpected few hours of “nothing to do” before leaving a conference in Orlando. Now, while much of the country was shivering under the bitter and relentless arctic chill last week, Orlando was cold by its own standards—temps during the conference topped out only in the lowmore →


The Happy Replacement

Once when I was maybe nine or ten, I fell through an opening in our barn from the top floor to the bottom floor, skimming through piles of hay, scraping against a gate, and finally landing with a thud on the cold hard concrete floor. I’m not sure if that’s exactly how the fall went. more →

map is not territory

The Territory

Speaking of weather, we saw three signs of spring this weekend. Not scientific signs, mind you; merely Things Erika Has Decided Means Spring Must Be On The Horizon: first, a gaggle of robins landed in our backyard, pecking about for food. Then, a beautiful sunset blanketed the sky. Finally, we spotted a ladybug crawling upmore →

Marlowe's Peter Pan. Jan 2015 051

On Flying

She did it. A few weeks ago, I shared that my six-year-old daughter Marlowe had big dreams to put on a production of “Peter Pan” in our house.  If you missed the post, stop reading this and go read it right now. Seriously, I’ll wait for you.  Just click right here to read about it.more →



What’s your favorite season? I love them all (though truth be told, I’d like them better if the coldest part of winters and the hottest part of summers were a tad bit shorter, giving more space to the gracious warming of the spring and the refreshing crispness of the fall). It has been interesting watchingmore →