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Fix This Now


I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom, and what freedom really means, since Indiana passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act: signed into law by Governor Mike Pence last Thursday, making pretty much the entire country look at Indiana as a state of backward hateful bigots. As a Hoosier myself (that means I’m an Indiana-nen), I’dmore →


The Beauty of Living and the Beauty of Dying

A woman I didn’t know died last weekend and I feel so, so sad about it. She and I grew up in the same hometown, attended the same high school, and even attended the same college. She was four years my junior so our paths never crossed. She has four beautiful children. She battled cancermore →


Stress Be Gone

The other night my son fell asleep about thirty minutes earlier than usual; a hoped-for outcome after an incredible weekend of celebrations for my wonderful step-dad’s 75th birthday. (Happy Birthday again, Jack! What an amazing celebration for an amazing man.) I was excited for a few bonus nighttime moments because I was nearing the endmore →


A Magical Musical Mystery Tour

I had a six-hour drive to and from Missouri last week, and to entertain myself during the solo trip I made a hearty road trip playlist that essentially spanned the entirety of my existence, making for some unlikely “bedmates.” Mumford and Sons played alongside Mazzy Star. Van Halen held company with Edie Brickell. Neneh Cherrymore →

yes and no

Yes… I mean, NO! …err, Thank You?

I am definitely a YES person. Yes, I can organize that event. Yes, we should have ice cream. Yes, you can take the bigger slice. Yes, I’ll wait. Yes, I can meet with you then. Yes, we should sign up. Yes, I can make the deadline. Yes, I can do that trip. Yes, I canmore →