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43 Things

My birthday is later this week and so as per usual it has me reflecting on life, and all that I am grateful for.  I’m turning 43, so I thought I would list 43 of those things here: Marlowe, my beautiful 7-year old daughter who is crazy-smart and creative and talented and perceptive Dylan, my gorgeousmore →

The Platinum Rule

Platinum Rule: Not All that Glitters is Gold

Erika journeys further around the periodic table to discuss the “Platinum Rule.” I wrote a blog once about the Golden Rule, and how imperative it is as a manager to respect the Golden Rule: to treat your staff members and colleagues the way you would want to be treated. Later, after talking about it atmore →

Moments of Focus

Moments of Focus: Lunar Eclipses and Lucidity

Erika takes her eyes off the sky to share a few of her own moments of focus.   We stayed up late-ish to watch the first part of the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Spectacular on Sunday. And it was super, not as much for the moon itself (although, wow) but for the time hanging outmore →

be grateful for you

I Am Erika (or: Be Grateful For You)

Erika reflects on how important it is to be grateful for you. So when I was in high school I entered my county’s “Jr. Miss” pageant (which they called the “Hamilton County Young Woman of The Year”): a contest that judges contestants on academics and talent, and, though they did their best to swear itmore →

the space between

The Space Between

Erika reflects of her memories of 9/11, her life fourteen years later, and the space between.   I lived in New York City on September 11, 2001. I don’t live there anymore, but my work is still there, so I’m in the city usually about once a month. As it happens, I was there lastmore →