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  Summer is just around the corner, and that means the multi-layered puzzle of “what to do with my children” is in full motion. I’ve been tinkering with vacation time, camps, grandparent time, activities, fun concerts, possible road trips, swim lessons, and more. It’s a puzzle that’s quite complex, and seems to get even moremore →



A combination of layovers and a tight schedule recently led me to be on four planes in 24 hours. It is spring, and it is the Midwest, so weather is frequently a factor, and I was fascinated to experience two of the pilots handle a similar situation in completely different ways. Pilot One, en routemore →

golf swing


Jordan Spieth won the Masters golf tournament on Sunday. It was an unlikely feat. Unlikely in that he tied the record for the best winning score—18 under par, matched only by Tiger Woods in 1997. Unlikely in that he became the second youngest winner—at 21, beat only by Tiger again, who won his first Mastersmore →


Do I Contradict Myself?

As per always, I was walking around the house the other day lamenting the absolute state of disaster that is the garage, the laundry room, the furnace room, the bedroom, the kitchen sink, the hall closet, the unmade beds, the piles of papers, the crumbs on the floor, the toys strewn everywhere you look… and asmore →

Fix This Now


I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom, and what freedom really means, since Indiana passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act: signed into law by Governor Mike Pence last Thursday, making pretty much the entire country look at Indiana as a state of backward hateful bigots. As a Hoosier myself (that means I’m an Indiana-nen), I’dmore →