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puff of smoke


For about five minutes last week, my daughter disappeared into the universe. I was just leaving a conference when the phone rang.  It was my mom, who sees my daughter off the bus in the afternoon. When I picked up the phone, she said “Marlowe did not get off the bus.” What? What do youmore →


After Ecstasy…

There is a great quote by Buddhist Jack Kornfield that goes, “After ecstasy, the laundry.” I am reminded of it now because we are just coming off of an amazing weekend at the wedding of my husband’s brother and his wonderful new bride. (Congratulations, Michael and Jenny! You two were beautiful.) Weddings are always special,more →


On 42

I turn 42 tomorrow. Birthdays are always reflective, at least once you pass a certain age, and mine is made more so by the fact that this birthday will be sandwiched by a funeral on one side and a wedding on the other side (and a black eye in the middle.) On one hand, atmore →

not worthy

I’m Not Worthy!

Chaos. Madness. Destruction. Doom and Gloom. These were the swirling thoughts and emotions that plagued my middle-of-the-night sleeplessness the other night, inexplicably tossing me from bad thought to bad thought, leaving me convinced of the utter unworthiness of Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad. But it sure felt pretty dismal in the dark hoursmore →


Got The Music In You?

My three-year-old son Dylan has recently taken quite a liking to the Alicia Keys’ song “Girl On Fire” and as such it is not uncommon for us to be in a store and hear him suddenly belt out at the top of his lungs: “This girl is on FIRE!!!!” Another of my favorites in hismore →