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fear stops us from living

The Person and The Pea: How Fear Stops Us from Living

In this week’s post, “The Person and the Pea: How Fear Stops Us from Living, Erika discusses how little things can quickly become big deals… I never understood the story of The Princess and the Pea. I always thought, “What’s the big deal, anyway, and who honestly could be so bothered by a tiny littlemore →

everyday joy

Everyday Joy

Happiness, with a capital H, can feel so elusive for so many. But what about everyday joy? These are the two words that have been floating through my head the last few days: everyday joy. Everyday joy. How and where can we find joy in everyday moments? How can we look for joy, and bymore →

Kindness and Martin Luther King

Kindness and Martin Luther King

Erika took advantage of the school holiday to speak with her children about kindness and Martin Luther King; about what it means to stand up for others, what it means to be kind versus being cruel. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day yesterday, and I realized it was a big subject to tackle withmore →

the art of not giving a f

Explosion: The Art of Not Giving a F

Both my kids have fallen in love with “Fight Song” by Rachel Platton, and sing it with the passion of soul singers. And, truth be told, there are worse songs to have ringing through the halls of our house each day, given its message. My favorite line, without a doubt, is this: “I might onlymore →

how can you flow

How Can You Flow Today?

Happy New Year! Yesterday was the first day back to school and work after a nice, two-week break, and so I had a full list of “to-dos” lining my day. Ready to take 2016 by storm, and hit the ground running. But then my daughter, who had been battling some kind of cold for amore →