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Let’s Play

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the joy (and importance) of play. I did a workshop at a conference recently called “Youth At Heart,” where we examined what happens to us when we just let ourselves play, or when we try to connect with that youthful spirit that exists somewhere inside of us. For manymore →


Good Enough

I think I’ve run out of stories. I mean, I’ve already told you everything about my terrible housekeeping abilities, my love of my minivan, my kids’ penchant for pop songs, stories from Indiana, stories from New York, my thoughts on holidays and ghosts and sharks and the Sock Monster.  I’ve told you about the timemore →


Identity Crisis

I was a “drama kid” growing up, happily participating in every school play offered (except for the musicals—no singing for me!) from the time I was in about third grade until the time I graduated high school. I loved it, and even declared my future career choice was to become an actress. And while wemore →

christmas cheer

Christmas Cheer

This is how Christmas decorating went this year in my house: 2 weeks prior: I announce that we’ll be decorating for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving and the kids respond with overwhelming excitement and jubilation and hubby steels himself for heavy lifting and treacherous roof climbing. 1 week prior: The Christmas Spirit is in FULL FORCEmore →

Thank you


The organization has started a campaign called #SimplyGiveThanks in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, challenging people to make a short video of themselves simply thanking someone in their lives and then posting that video online. Their hope is that the people who are being thanked this way will then be inspired to createmore →