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power of connectivity

The Birds

The power of connectivity. It’s something that’s influencing us at every turn, even if we are not always aware of it. But it is always there, and in this week’s post, Erika ponders over the power of connectivity in the world around her. So the other week I walked out of the house shortly aftermore →

this world is broken

This World is Broken

This world is broken, but Erika is keeping an open heart with a focus on love I can’t write about France. I can’t write about Beirut. I can’t write about the young mother in Indianapolis who was gunned down during an early morning home invasion last week. I can’t write about my increasing incredulity thatmore →

give up today

I Give Up

In this week’s post, Erika asks her readers, “What you can give up today?” So I decided to try and get a handle on the family room on Saturday and part of that meant emptying the two baskets under the coffee table in order to remove all the things that had landed there that don’tmore →

phone people

Phone People: Confessions of a Tele-phobe

What are “phone people”, and why doesn’t Erika count herself among their ranks There are phone people in this world. Phone people are the people who, you know, like to talk on the phone. They will spend time “chatting” when on a call—they might actually call someone with no purpose other than to chat. Phonemore →

Interconnected Nature of Everything

The Interconnected Nature of Everything

Sequoia trees, quantum particles, and the X Ambassadors? Erika mulls on the Interconnected Nature of Everything     First: Did you know that the great sequoia trees in California, known to grow to nearly 300 feet tall and have a circumference of 100 feet or more, have roots that only go as deep as threemore →