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Too Much

If I eat too much I don’t feel good. If I play with my kids too much I don’t feel good. If I am away from my kids too much I don’t feel good. If I fight too much I don’t feel good. If I keep quiet too much I don’t feel good. If Imore →

Mick Fanning Lessons

Mick Fanning lessons to apply to your life

Erika considers Mick Fanning lessons she can apply to her life I am sure by now you’ve seen footage of surfer Mick Fanning doing battle with a shark at a competition in South Africa this week. If you haven’t, take a look here. It is stunning. I think the moment that gets me the mostmore →


Am I Enough?

  I say some version of this all the time:  “You are more than enough, just as you are.”  I say it to myself, to my kids, to my friends and co-workers, and to you. Of course, even though my head staunchly believes that, my heart likes to occasionally stand stubbornly suspicious.  Yours? We aremore →



Sometimes you fail at work. Sometimes, it’s a loud and epic fail—like losing your company millions of dollars or insulting your biggest client or spearheading a product that flops. Those definitely suck, and sometimes cost you your job or your reputation. But sometimes… and I think more often, the failure is much quieter. Sometimes, youmore →


Just Love

  I’m sitting here at my computer, with my four-year old son Dylan sitting at the table across from me, on the other computer, playing Peppa Pig games. I’m supposed to be staring at my computer thinking about blog topics for the day, but instead I’m staring at him and thinking about how unbelievable hemore →