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don't give up

Why It’s Hard Before It’s Easy

I’ve written about this very thing before (but as we’ve decided, I only ever write about five things anyway), and using my son as an example that time too, but I’m struck once again at how HARD things are before they become EASY. My son and daughter have recently finished their first round of swimmingmore →


Grown Up

I swear sometimes I am STUNNED I am not still 18.  When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, and when I am driving with the windows down, and when an 80s song comes on, well then I just KNOW that I am a carefree young wisp of a girl driving her bigmore →



As spring gives way to summer and academics give way to pools and bike rides, I’ve been thinking about commencement speeches.  Students across the country are hearing them right about now, whether graduating from high school or college, at the precipice of “life” beginning.    Because that’s what commencement means, right?  To begin.    I started tomore →


Happy 100!

This is my 100th blog entry.   I know that for many of you more seasoned bloggers and writers this fact makes me still an infant in a world of elders, but for me that number seems significant.  That number makes me go WOW.  I’ve had 100 things to talk about!   Even though I’ve really probablymore →

potty wars

The Potty Wars

I just spent nearly an hour battling my just-turned-three year old son on the potty. This battle consisted of crying and writhing on his part, cajoling and encouraging on my part, counting to ten and then to twenty and then to two hundred, and also:  storytelling, sitting, standing, bouncing, begging, more crying, screaming, howling, pushing,more →