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25-year reunion

Then and Now: My 25-year Reunion

This week, Erika uses her high school 25-year reunion to reflect on memories. Memories of the past, as well as memories going forward I attended the first planning meeting for my high school’s 25-year reunion, which is happening this summer. 25 years! How is that even possible? As I’ve mentioned before, I still feel likemore →



  Was the weather nice where you were this weekend? It was absolutely gorgeous where my family lives in Indiana. Saturday we topped out at 71 degrees. And while I know that bodes terrible things for our planet, the momentary break from the frigid winter cold was just irresistible. We packed it in: a wintermore →

what is the experiential learning cycle

What is the Experiential Learning Cycle? A Deep Dive Into ELC

“What is the Experiential Learning Cycle” is part one in a six-part series       What is the Experiential Learning Cycle? A Deep Dive Into ELC The Leadership Program uses a questioning process called the Experiential Learning Cycle. We use the process with students and adults alike. But we didn’t invent it. The peoplemore →

unique self

Sliding In: Recognizing Your Unique Self

How aware are you of your “unique self”? It’s in there, and Erika wants you to get in touch with it. When given any satisfactory stretch of smooth surface ahead of him, my son Dylan (who is 4) is practically guaranteed to break out in a run that ends with a spectacular slide on hismore →

fear stops us from living

The Person and The Pea: How Fear Stops Us from Living

In this week’s post, “The Person and the Pea: How Fear Stops Us from Living, Erika discusses how little things can quickly become big deals… I never understood the story of The Princess and the Pea. I always thought, “What’s the big deal, anyway, and who honestly could be so bothered by a tiny littlemore →