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Love Is A Verb

When I love you, it’s really easy to love you. But when you do things that make me not love you, well than it’s really hard to love you. I mean, obviously. List the people in your life for whom that sentiment rings true from time to time—a partner, a co-worker, a child, a friend.more →

escape ladder

Unexpected Escapes

There was a fire in my dorm just before Christmas of my freshman year at college. Far from my own room, but serious enough to cause a middle-of-the-night evacuation with most of us in our pjs and bare feet. After that incident my mom bought me a fire safety ladder to keep in my room,more →



It is time for our annual administrative retreat, wherein we disappear into the woods for a few days and hopefully come out refreshed, reinvigorated, and clearly focused on the goals and plans for the year ahead. Packing for the trip yesterday, I was chagrined out how ill-equipped my biggest bag was for the task atmore →


The Laundry

Here’s how laundry goes in my house: Clothes spend 2-3 days making their way through the wash and dry cycle, because they are continuously remembered and then forgotten about. Once they successfully get out of the dryer, they spend another few days in a basket on top of the dryer. Then they make their waymore →


A Piece of Peace

My son woke up very early this morning, as he often does, wanting the last part of his sleep to be snuggled up in our bed.    I love watching him sleep—the sounds he makes; the way he settles his body; his face as it relaxes back into slumber.  In those moments, he is completely atmore →