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Thank you


The organization has started a campaign called #SimplyGiveThanks in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, challenging people to make a short video of themselves simply thanking someone in their lives and then posting that video online. Their hope is that the people who are being thanked this way will then be inspired to createmore →


When We Awaken

For some reason lately I’ve been thinking about those moments that awaken us in some way—moments that either subtly or profoundly affect the way we interact with the world. Some of those moments are earth-shattering, like the first time Loss comes up and punches you squarely in the face (for me, that came in themore →


On Celebrating

Many of us are great at celebrating birthdays and special occasions—retirements and babies and promotions and graduations. We offer cards and cakes and candles and sentiments of love and appreciation. We bring flowers and balloons. We sing. We laugh. But how often do we offer a genuine celebration for the not-so-momentous occasions?  The quiet momentsmore →

The Leadership Program

On Fifteen

This past week, my beloved colleagues at The Leadership Program celebrated an important milestone for me, as I’m about to pass my fifteenth anniversary with the company. Fifteen years! This is a picture of (most of) the entire organization, taken in September: I am so proud to call The Leadership Program home, and can’t imaginemore →

puff of smoke


For about five minutes last week, my daughter disappeared into the universe. I was just leaving a conference when the phone rang.  It was my mom, who sees my daughter off the bus in the afternoon. When I picked up the phone, she said “Marlowe did not get off the bus.” What? What do youmore →