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On Leadership

  I work for a company called The Leadership Program, which as I like to joke, is a pretty generic name for a pretty remarkable company. Because what does that word even mean, leadership? Too often people associate leadership with a status to be earned, or a title that bestows power. Certainly, under some circumstances,more →

broken computer

Lessons From A Grumpy Computer

My computer was foiling me at every turn yesterday. Documents I was trying to work on kept crashing. My VPN kept booting me off. The internet connection had a speed like the old-time AOL dial-up. Pandora kept pausing (you know, the important things). Emails were getting stuck in my outbox. My instant message connections keptmore →



  In two days Marlowe starts second grade and Dylan starts Pre-K. How is this even possible? Where did the summer go? Where did the past seven years go?  While on the one hand I can’t even remember a life without them, on the other hand there is NO.WAY that Dylan just said “I’m notmore →

Too Much

Too Much: Stepping back into “just right”

Erika discusses the difficulties of turning “too much” into “just right If I eat too much I don’t feel good. If I play with my kids too much I don’t feel good. If I am away from my kids too much I don’t feel good. If I fight too much I don’t feel good. Ifmore →

Mick Fanning Lessons

Mick Fanning lessons to apply to your life

Erika considers Mick Fanning lessons she can apply to her life I am sure by now you’ve seen footage of surfer Mick Fanning doing battle with a shark at a competition in South Africa this week. If you haven’t, take a look here. It is stunning. I think the moment that gets me the mostmore →