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A Piece of Peace

My son woke up very early this morning, as he often does, wanting the last part of his sleep to be snuggled up in our bed.    I love watching him sleep—the sounds he makes; the way he settles his body; his face as it relaxes back into slumber.  In those moments, he is completely atmore →


On Urgency

My computer is about to run out of juice and apparently I left the power cord back in a hotel room in Philly. I feel this is some great metaphor for life. Because, here I am: racing against time to get the blog done before the battery dies—writing with a sense of urgency, trying tomore →


The Joy Thief

And just as quickly as it began, summer… not in the seasonal way but rather in the designated break between one school year to the next…is winding down.   In just one week my Marlowe starts first grade. How is that possible?  Weren’t we just sending her off to kindergarten?  Other school districts are already backmore →

don't give up

Why It’s Hard Before It’s Easy

I’ve written about this very thing before (but as we’ve decided, I only ever write about five things anyway), and using my son as an example that time too, but I’m struck once again at how HARD things are before they become EASY. My son and daughter have recently finished their first round of swimmingmore →


Grown Up

I swear sometimes I am STUNNED I am not still 18.  When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, and when I am driving with the windows down, and when an 80s song comes on, well then I just KNOW that I am a carefree young wisp of a girl driving her bigmore →